Mud Free Rose

Hawthorne, born in Harlem, New York, was raised in a single parent home and was able to defy the odds and rise above the negative stimuli that so many of his peers had succumbed to. Using sports as his vessel, he graduated from college. Now, he tells his story through poems to edify others going through the same struggle. Mud Free Rose is a collection of poems based on events that have taken place in my life. This book is a testament that, no matter how severe your circumstance, if you persevere, a rose will, in the end, blossom. This book also serves as a triage to the afflicted that will help heal wounds, instill courage, and let others know that their battle has been fought before. If they continue to fight, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

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Liefe is a book that challenges socialized beliefs that we are programmed to follow since birth and challenges its readers to think outside our traditional box to achieve a greater purpose in life. Liefe, like its title, unwinds the lie in life that has been accepted as acceptable. Liefe deals with subjects such as 9/11, religion, sex, politics, relationships, fatherless homes, and more.

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Why Did I Sleep with Him

Girlfriends always seem to ask each other this infamous question, “Why Did You Sleep with Him?” In between these book covers lies the answer to this question and allows her to lie in comfort beside her man. In addition, this book shares with its readers the essentials a man must carry to enter into the manhood phase in his life. Why Did I Sleep with Him covers a wide spectrum of subjects such as the importance of a man, being great at oral sex, to the reasons why he should value success as much as he values his faith. This book is a one stop shop for both women and men. She will finally know the reason why she slept with him and he will be posses the essentials to have her join his team.

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